CONSTRUCTION. Full-scale general construction for new or existing offices renovation or realization, with experienced, professional colleagues. Drywall building, painting, air condition installation, mechanical installations in one hand. Our goal is to make easier our customers life and bring together the different professional experts, thanks to this we can save money and based on a strict prearranged schedule we save time.



How the space and more team work?

  • First we measure the given office or outlet with our professional colleagues
  • We inform the customer of the possibilities and different alternatives
  • We find out the local rules and regulations which can effect the budget
  • Based on the information we prepare budget and schedule
  • After the agreement we deliver the schedule
  • We report systematically about the different phases to make sure everything is done according the schedule
  • In case of unexpected situation we always inform our customers
  • We try to eliminate the given problem as soon as possible to be able to keep the deadlines
  • We record the process of the work with photos
  • When we finish the work we handle it to the customer after an admittance