3M Hungária Kft.

Date: 2014 November
Place: Budapest
Size: 1400 sqm
Project manager: Nikoletta Lőrik

3M Hungária after more than 1 year preparation, cooperation, planning and construction, finally they moved 2014 November into their new “A” category office, which can be found in the heart of Infopark. In the area an 1000 sqm office and a 400 sqm showroom take place. We realized a full project management service with complex designing, coordinating the construction, furniture procurement and furnishing.
For the board it was very important to integrate the employees in office planning, we made a survey among the workers and they could tell their opinion about the new office creation in given forums.
The main goal was to create a young style, lively office, where the employees like to work day by day. On one hand it was very important to keep the corporate image, but on the other hand we put a great emphasis on the relaxation zones, where the workers can take a rest during the day in the relax room, where they can use the hanging chair and see the stars.  For the informal meetings, next to a coffee the coffee point is the perfect place.
Flexible meeting room are dynamically transformable, according to different needs. The quarterly organized trainings they have 80 person in the room, thanks to the mobile walls they can open the meeting rooms and have enough seat for them. The 3M new office is outstanding in Europa, they have many kind of own produced design elements, like decor foil, design foil or innovative design lamps. During the planning it was important to integrate these elements.