DESIGN FURNITUREDesign furniture, acoustic walls and design accessories, based on the latest italian, german, and skandinavian trends. Reception area, representative rooms, functional, innovative, modular sofas, armchairs, lounge chairs, tables with a wide range of colour and size options. Maximal personalized comfort and elegance.



Special high back sofas and armchairs are special solutions for offices, where it is important to have comfort and private zone in the open office area. One piece or a group of sofas are suitable for personal concentrating work or meeting, thanks to it’s perfect acoustic absorption.



Comfortable lounge armchairs gives a real exclusive appearance to our office. Modular sofas are the perfect solution to continuously changing office spaces, as the room change we can transform the sofa.



ACOUSTIC PANELS. Creative acoustic panels, space partitioning system, green walls. A crucial part of the functional and ergonomic space creation, thanks to these we can optimise the acoustic absorption, the noise decrease, the employees will feel much more comfortable and they become more effective. On the other hand besides the functionality the acoustic walls are decorative part of our office.


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